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Catalogue Printing

Catalogue Printing Service
(see also brochure printing)

Your catalogue needs to reflect the quality of your product or service, so choosing the right catalogue printer is one of the key steps in creating the right image for your company.

We'll be happy to provide a no-obligation catalogue printing quote, and to guide you through the various stages of designing your sales literature.

Opting for ‘cheap catalogue printing' could be a false economy. Your catalogue should scream “quality” from every page, so a few extra pennies now could really pay dividends in terms of generating orders from your customers. If you're looking for a cheap catalogue printer, we're probably not the people for you. We don't believe in cheap… for us, ‘cheap' is a catalogue that falls apart when it's posted to your customer – they open their package expecting to receive lovely new catalogue… but instead the pages have fallen out and they receive a tatty collection of loose leaves. That is clearly NOT the impression you want to create. You need to instill confidence in the people that are buying from you.

As your catalogue printer, Proactive will provide advice on the most cost-effective production techniques and binding methods. We're not pushy sales-people! We give practical, reasoned advice based on our wide-ranging experience. You can benefit from our expertise and we'll be happy to add value to your print project(s) wherever we can. Catalogue printing can be an expensive lesson if you get it wrong. By choosing the right catalogue printer you can avoid the pitfalls and leapfrog your competitors by producing a fantastic looking catalogue – within your budget!

Although our printing facility operates 24 hours every day, for larger catalogue printing projects please send us your enquiry as early as possible. The further in advance we know about your printing requirements the more we'll be able to help and provide advice on possible cost-saving areas.

Proactive's direct mail service can also help deliver your catalogues direct to your customers. Please ask for details of how we can save you money by providing an end-to-end catalogue printing and direct mail package. We'll remove the headaches from the catalogue printing / dispatching process – you'll have one point of contact who will handle the process from start to finish and have a hands-on approach to managing your project.

Catalogue design:

(See also brochure design)

We'll happily work with your existing design team to produce stunning catalogues – but if you need our help with the graphic design element of your project we can do that too.

Practical advice – from concept to delivery
Our experienced team of catalogue designers will ensure that Proactive provides you with a seamless end-to-end catalogue design, print and despatch service. We can provide help advice on a range of issues.

During the design phase of your catalogue project we'll work closely with you to ensure brand consistency – it's important that you always ‘talk' to your customers in the same tone. So from your business cards to your invoices, and every step along the way let's make sure your brand image matches your core values. Marketing piffle? Absolutely not. Sure we have some large clients who spend a lot of money developing brand manuals – but you don't need to be a blue chip company to create the right impression. It doesn't cost the earth to look good, but you need to be realistic and make sure you allocate a reasonable proportion of your budget for design.

Great design is hard to come by. Just have a look around on the internet – it's full of shoddy design. Give your customers the reassurance they need. We'll work with you to design catalogues that show you take pride in your appearance – and that you do the same with the product or service you're supplying to your customers. You wouldn't turn up to a client meeting wearing clothes with holes in them (we hope) – so don't send your catalogue that does anything less than says “Hello, look at what we do. It's good, isn't it?”

If you have a forthcoming catalogue design project – call us now on 01202 315333. Our friendly design team drink a lot of tea, and a chat with you will be the perfect excuse for them to put the kettle on while you talk about your ideas.
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