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CPC AURA - Logo & stationery design


Project Requirements:

  • Dual brand identity design
  • Business card and Invitation design
  • Website page design and implementation
  • Full colour printing

Project Brief:
To create a professional dual branded identity that combined the values of both companines CPC and Aura Consulting. Create stationery items and a temporary webpage.

Dual branded logo design:
We outlined the project brief and identified a set of new values to work to. They are as follows:

CPC Aura's strength lies in the utilisation of the key strengths and experiences that both companies have created individually in their own illustrious business careers.

Each company brings a wide skill base to the proposition which when combined can produce a powerful partnership that can propel the new business to the forefront of their intended market.

Targeting the financial sector, CPC Aura can use their contacts and heritage to approach new sectors of development and embrace new levels of business yet untouched by either individual business.

The approach is simple; present a united front that embodies strength, assurance, experience and quality.

CPC and Aura Consulting Logos

With the brief outlined and agreed we put together a set of concepts that combined values from both existing brands. Utilising the CPC font it was agreed from the outset that the company should be called CPC AURA and that led to a natural use of the existing CPC font 'Interstate'.

The designs below combine one or several of the elements from each brand, we started by introducing AURA under the CPC umbrella which meant keeping the CPC brand totally intact, this was deemed a good approach but as the company was a brand new venture we felt that it was too 'CPC' and hence we explored some other options that began to introduce the Aura Consulting brand values.

CPC Aura Concept Logo Designs

Launch party flyer design:
Initially we kept the design very simple just using the logo elements to create a quite sophisticated design, but we opted to add an element of celebration, the popping champagne seemed appropriate and added a new dimension.

Due to the low quantity required (300) We chose to print these digitally on a 350gsm board and matt laminated both sides.

CPC AURA Launch Invitation

Business card design:
We needed to create business cards for the launch party, so we quickly created a suitable clean-cut design and printed 8 sets to be rapidly deployed to the London office. We chose our luxury 400gsm matt laminated business cards which proved the best solution and matched the invitation in look and feel.

CPC AURA Business card designs

Website page design and implementation:
A website was required as part of this project, but due to time contraints, it was not possible to get content together in time to produce a multi page site that would fully represent the new company. We needed to provide a portal that the launch party invitees could navigate to if they wanted to find out a little more about the company.

The design was keep simple but stron, we used some London city centric style stock images to back up the proposal.

CPC Aura website page design
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