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Up-2-Scratch Scratch Card Game

Up-2-Scratch Card Game

Project Requirements:

  • Eye-catching scratch card game
  • Designed and printed by Proactive

Project Brief:
To create a scratch card game that offers 10% or 20% discount on any Up-2-Scratch repair. The cards were to be generic so could be used over a period of time and could be handed out at various unrelated promotional events.

Scratch Card Game Design:
We chose our 'super scratch card' product as the medium to base this game. This card is a handy 135mm x 97mm so gives us lots of space to promote the company's services as well as clearly explain the game details without the card design becoming too overwhelming.

We designed a bright and informative scratch card using the company's existing brand values, the strong orange and black colour scheme working with the the red of the car in the picture.

As with any of our standard scratch card products, we have the ability to produce five fronts and five backs, which potentially allows for up to five prize offerings. In this instance only two prizes were required a 10% discount and a 20% discount.

We created five different scratch panels using the four automotive related symbols below:

Up-2-Scratch Scratch card symbols

Each set of scratch panels contained six symbols. The panels above show the winning combination for the top prize of 20% discount. These symbols are alternated to provide five 'winning' combinations. every card is a winner in this particular game.

The back of the card simply outlines the rules of the game, the scratch card prizes and the company's details and terms and conditions for the game.

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