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Project Requirements:

  • 6pp 'Welcome' Brochure (A4)

Project Brief:
To create a document that illustrates the procedure of editing a customer's venue listing on the website, but also provides a style that can be used for all future marketing collateral.

6pp 'Welcome" Brochure :
After an initial face to face meeting we established that the client was in a transitional period with their business and were now taking seriously their identity and the way they were being perceived by their existing and new clientele.

The client already had a simple, bound document with text and screen grabs that explained the procedure, but this was not deemed professional enough and that they now required a new treatment that addressed the procedure in a more visual way.

Instead of a booklet we decided that the best route was a 6pp A4 'roll fold' brochure that allowed the user to visually work through the process, whilst also including some company history and terms and conditions.

As this was the first document the customer would receive alongside their welcome letter, we suggested that the brochure have some visual impact from the outset. We chose venue pictures direct from the website and we used over 100 to give a little depth to the front cover.

As part of the project it was necessary to work through the steps in the system using the company's existing notes. and At vital stages screen grabs were taken and each stage was simplified in text and backed up with a bigger bold header to make each step as clear as possible.

The website works as a content management system, and from previous personal experience we knew that creating images in the correct format and at the correct size can be challenging for a less experienced computer user, so we created a section from scratch that dealt with this crucial area.

Overall we intended the design to be very straightforward but professional and very easy to read and navigate through. We definitely achieved this in the design and we look forward to working with this client on future design and print projects.

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