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Dynasty Mini Golf

Project Requirements:

  • Logo / identity
  • 48pp Business plan
  • Investment brochure
  • Stationery - Letterhead, comp slip and business cards

Project Brief:
To create an identity, business plan, promotional investment brochure and stationery for a new investment venture based in Shanghai, China. The product being promoted was a historically themed, educational mini golf course, that tracked 5000 years of Chinese history.

Logo / Identity:
The client required a strong identity that could be used for the initial investment stage and then would naturally form the identity of the minigolf businesses as they were rolled out in China.

The identity and theme of the entire poject required that we looked towards the ancient historical aspects of the Chinese culture, so typical iconology was required. The brand is aimed at the developing middle class family and young up-and-coming demographic, but needed to reflect the Dynastic roots and show some reference to the minigolf game (although the initial the brief stipulated no golf paraphernalia).

We created a range of concepts in stage 1 of the identity stage, brainstorming some initial ideas to get a feel for the clients preferences for shapes, styles and colours - we experimented with some varying type faces for the abreviated 'Dynasty Golf' And it was agreed we should explore some concepts using the golf ball as this is the focus of the product.

Dynasty logo design - concept stage 1

In Stage 2 of the identity development we took some of the original ideas forward for development. the client like the treatment of the wax seal look, but also wanted to explore the golf ball a little further:
For the final stage we tweaked a few details and settled on the final 'DG' lettering, the preferred choice was the gold 'coin' style, which everyone agreed was the most universal icon, reflecting the elements of ancient history and mini golf.

48pp Business Plan:
Using text and hand drawn charts and graphs from the client, we created a page format that reflected the brand and typeset of the business plan. We have included the front cover and the contents page only as the rest of the document is too sensiteive for public display.

Business plan cover

Contents page:

Business plan sample page

Investment Brochure :
The investment brochure is a synopsis of the business plan and is designed as the glossy introduction to the investment opportunity. This document was intended to be sent to a prospective investor prior to receiving the full 'facts and figures' business plan.

The brochure was designed as a concertina 'gate fold' style with the front panels illustraded as a pair of ancient Chinese style doors, each fold held information pertaining to the investment and tells a story as you prgress through the folds.

The inside back page (largest gold panel below) was also designed to hold a DVD disc with a promotional video.

Dynasty Mini Golf Investment Brochure

Stationery - Letterhead, comp slip and business cards:
Professional and serious were the buzz words for the stationery, we created a few designs and settled on this style.

Dynasty Mini Golf stationery designs

What the client thought...
"Proactive is an absolute top notch design company. Utilizing Proactive's services has been a very pleasurable and productive experience. Their staff is incredibly responsive and easy to work with and their designers have a real talent for bringing vision to life. Proactive is the company I trust with my design needs, both for today and for the future" - Eric Oetting

For more information about investment in Dynasty Mini Golf please contact Eric Oetting through his website: or contact him directly: +1(213)596-0903 /

And Finally...
This was a very successful graphic design project for Proactive and our client was extremely pleased with the outcome, as were we.

If you would like to talk with a designer to discuss how Proactive can help you to achieve the best from your promotional print please call us on 0800 412 5333

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