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Environmental Policy

It's Your Environment too!

The printing industry is said to be responsible for around 10% of volatile organic compound emissions.

Gradually, companies are realising the significance of this impact and as a consequence, they are adopting more sustainable procedures, using chemical free printing units, reducing the amount of alcohol used in print production and buying vegetable oil based inks.  

In the interest of the environment, Proactive has sought and collated a list of print contacts that are making a conscious effort to use natural resources sparingly and minimise the impact of their procedures on the surroundings.

You can help the environment by:

  • Opting for recycled or semi-recycled paper (FSC)
  • Opting for a bio-degradale laminate rather than a petroleum based coating - this type of coating is available in Gloss, Matt, and silk finishes.
  • Requesting a PDF proof rather than a digital copy
  • Ensuring none of your print goes to waste
  • Recycling any unwanted material

If you would like a quote or to see samples of our recycled stocks, please call us in the office or use one of our enquiry forms and choose the recycled option when ordering.

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