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Poster Printing | Litho Printed Gloss Posters

Indoor posters
(See poster prices below)
Posters make great props at exhibitions and it is a lot cheaper to print posters than it is to print banners. As well as printing on glossy posters, you could consider printing on mesh material for a slightly different finish.

If you're organising an event and want to raise awareness in the local area, why not get some A3 posters printed and display them in shop windows, staff rooms and on message boards?

Bespoke Large format poster printing
If you need large format posters, we can supply them! We can provide posters from A4 size to A0 size on Standard gloss 240gsm poster stock or on a poly propylene synthetic stock. All printed posters can be laminated or mounted onto 5mm Foamex board to give a stiff presentation board.

Gloss Posters
150gsm gloss artboard
Gloss Laminated Posters
250gsm gloss artboard
'Got something to shout about? Get a Poster!'
  Premium Silk 170gsm leaflets
Gloss Posters delivered in 3 working days - GUARANTEED!
Gloss Posters + Hi-Gloss Laminate - delivered in 5 working days - GUARANTEED!
Express Service available - please call 0800 412 5333 for details

A3 Gloss Posters
(297mm x 420mm)

250gsm (thicker) +
Hi-Gloss Laminate

A2 Gloss Posters
(420mm x 594mm)

250gsm (thicker) +
Hi-Gloss Laminate

B2+ Gloss Posters
(500mm x 693mm)

250gsm (thicker) +
Hi-Gloss Laminate

A1 Gloss Posters
(594mm x 841mm)

250gsm (thicker) +
Hi-Gloss Laminate

B1 Gloss Printing
(693mm x 1000mm)

250gsm (thicker) +
Hi-Gloss Laminate

Banner printing
Weather proof posters and banners
Whether you are going to an exhibition, holding an event or refurbishing a new building, banners are an effective and economical way to advertise to and inform your public.

There are numerous materials to consider, the most popular of which is PVC. If you have different requirements, mesh banners or foamex rigid banners make excellent alternatives.

Mesh banners
A mesh banner is a perfect outdoor graphic solution for scaffoldings and building wraps in windy conditions. The mesh is a strong, lightweight and tightly woven ; the advantage of mesh banners is that you no longer need to cut wind holes. Mesh is perfect for large exterior banners: heavy mesh material is flame retardant and resistant to tearing and it is directly printable using UV and solvent inks.

Foamex - Rigid PVC sign board
Foamex is a flexible material coming in various thicknesses such as 1mm, 3mm, 5mm or 10mm and sizes up to 10 x 10 foot in one piece. Also called rigid PVC sign boards, foamex is a strong but lightweight material.

Foamex is a weatherproof material with a durability of a few years outdoors. Larger size foamex signs can be screwed or nailed to a surface while velcro can be used for smaller and lighter signs.
PVC large format banners

We can cater for many specifications, water resistant banners and fire retardant banners are worth their weight in gold and fire retardant banners are a legal requirement in clubs and entertainment venues. We can also offer a whole array of fixing solutions, from hemming and eyeleting to Velcro and channel sewn dowelling.

No size is too big or too small, if you need a banner, then fill in one of our quote request forms and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Poster and banner design services
If you would like to benefit from Proactive's innovative design ideas, click here, send us an enquiry and one of our dedicated designers will be in touch.

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