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Recycled Printing

Recycled paper
As the demand for paper has increased, more timber has been needed to meet the demand for wood pulp. In some cases this has meant the loss of valuable wildlife habitats and ecosystems, as old forests have been replaced by managed, fast-growing, plantations.

For the environmentally conscious among you, there are many paper ranges which are either part or totally recycled. Although recycling is an expensive process, the relative cost of printing on recycled paper has dropped considerably as demand has increased. Proactive can also advise you on printing with vegetable-based inks for the lowest environmental impact of your print production.

If making an untainted impression is important in your line of business, why not choose a recycled paper, let your client know and encourage them to do the same?

Recycled papers are available in gloss, silk and matt, just like virgin papers.

We have access to a huge range of recycled papers; if you would like to get a quote or see samples of our recycled stocks, please call us in the office or use one of our enquiry forms and choose the recycled option when ordering.
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